Biowell Test

Psychoneurobics is an advanced healing technique that has been used to cure numerous chronic and irreversible diseases. It helps you understand the nature of your mind and body better, and allows you to control your body and psyche in a much better way. It is the best tool to be practiced with Rajyoga for the complete healing of incurable diseases.

USES & BENEFIT OF Bio-Well Camera Device Scan

1.] To know present and future health problems of full body .
2.] To check bad effect of radiations of mobile phones on Health .
3.] To check positive effect of pranayam and yogic exercise.
4.] Healers and Therapists can get pre and post reports after treatment.
5.] To check increase in energy of the room after group meditation.
6.] Chain smokers and regular hard drink takers can see increase in health problems.
7.] Variations in the shapes, colors and intensity of images produced are said to provide clues to the patients overall health and energy level.
8.] Acupuncturists can, for example take aura photography or Human Energy image of a person during an initial evaluation and see especially where the energy is out of balance. It is not a replacement for acupuncturist’s traditional diagnostics skills but rather a supplement and a way for them to demonstrate their assessment to a patient visually.
9.] Scientists or Medical practitioners also theorize that aura photography or Human Energy image has a role in detecting cancer and other devastating diseases. For example, plants with cancer shows up with a very vivid corona or electrical field than healthy plants. This is due to the high metabolic rate of cancerous cells.
10.] Kirlian Photography may also be able to treat patients under psychiatric care. The images has the ability to exhibit the emotional state of the person being photographed.
11.] Check Chakra Balancing Through BiO-WELL-GDV Camera